Sarah was comfortable in her life as a student and actress on the local stages. She loves all things bright, colorful and beautiful in the world. As many sprinkles on her ice cream as she can get. As a student of humanity, she thought she had a pretty good grasp on people and how the world worked.

Until she met Jack and Victor, anyway. They’re part of the world’s largest secret: that a select few people in the world are able to transfer their consciousnesses into another person’s mind. They have a unique lineage, dating all the way back to the first crusade, nearly a thousand years ago.

Victor is one such inheritor, and had survived with this legacy inside him for more than 50 years, thank you very much. After he is forced into taking over Sarah’s life, he must learn to come out of his shell and become involved in changing the world.

Jack is a student, who once held a similar legacy. It’s really Victor’s fault that his life is in chaos now. Jack’s fiance and Victor’s former student is dead, and Victor admits it’s his fault. Even Jack’s mentor is trapped in the clutches of the evil council, thanks to Victor. Orphaned without his mentor to guide him, Jack must forge his own path to do what is right and rescue anyone he can, at any cost. He just needs a better plan.


Season 1:

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