First and foremost I’m an action novelist. I enjoy finding new ways to explore the extraordinary through adventure. My primary influences in my fight sequences are from Kung Fu San Soo, though I have studied several different styles to apply them accordingly.

I also work with a collection of other narrative fiction authors. We spend our time in the far reaches of northern California in a place called Redding. It’s small, but it’s home. The group is made up of every day people, and together we are able to lend each other perspective on writing. We’re affectionately dubbed “The Forge” after our mission to hone each other’s skills while sharpening our own.

I also co-host a podcast, Writing Roots, with fellow author and editor Leigh Hull. Together we discuss facets of writing for new and aspiring authors, and personal lessons we’ve learned along our own journeys to becoming published authors.

Together, we also speak live at events aimed at authors like us. Our most popular event is the AspenHouse Writing Retreat, held in the summer of every year right here in northern California.

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