First and foremost I’m an action novelist. I enjoy finding new ways to explore the extraordinary through adventure. My primary influences in my fight sequences are from Kung Fu San Soo, though I have reached out to several different styles to learn more about them and apply them accordingly.  I do have the aid of a Master to aid me on the way to creating exciting fight sequences.

You should also know that I work with a collection of other narrative fiction authors. We spend our time in the far reaches of northern California in a place called Redding. It’s small, but it’s home. The group is made up of every day people, and together we are able to lend each other perspective on writing and sharpen our own skill sets by editing the works of others. I call us “The Forge” even though we never officially named ourselves.

Lastly, I am more than happy to work with or share others’ writing. If you are interested in having me look at a portion of your work, or perhaps would be interested in cross-promoting each other’s websites, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to lift each other up.

I would encourage you to check out my non-fiction posts to learn more about me! They can be found as anything which the title starts with “NF” or should be tagged as non-fiction.