The Chroma Series

Chroma Series

The concept behind the organization is simple: everyone has it in themselves to make the world a better place, but few choose to take that step. Together, with each of their unique talents, the collection of everyday people help save their town, and themselves.

In Black & White, a local senator has decided to make their hometown his personal playground, doing as he pleases to whomever he pleases. Only the organization stands in his way.

In Cyan & Blue, the power vacancy left behind has a new, elusive force in the background, coordinating gangs and the police force alike. When it becomes clear he’ll take a stand for what’s right, Blue finds himself in the crosshairs, dodging bullets as the organization solves the mystery.

Revenge is the name of the game in Friday & Monday.  Friday has waited eight long years in jail, and now he’s finally free. Free to meet his old friends, free to utilize his new contacts, and free to take his revenge. The organization is no longer in the way, protecting those that can’t protect themselves. Now they’re the targets.

The Modakku Anthologies

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Can a prophecy be broken? I’m old. Long past the prime of my life, I’m more than content to live out the rest of my days as a teacher among the tribes. When I first met Ilanna, I thought she was like every other student in my class. A little odd, perhaps, in that she has an inner strength and maturity not often found in one her age.Then the unthinkable happens and the school is destroyed. She and I are the only survivors, taken by the nomadic clansmen. Our enemies are violent and relentlessly cruel. We must learn to lean on each other if we ever hope to make it through the winter, and to freedom on the other side.This book contains all three novels in the Modakku Anthologies: Fog and Flame, Snow and Ash, and Water and Bone. Together, they tell one story – Ilanna’s story – of torment, magic, and legacy. 

Her Hiding Place

Her Hiding Place

The apocalypse left 97% of the world male.

Her Hiding Place tells the story of a damsel in distress who must rescue herself.

Lifted from sexual and emotional slavery, she must learn to love herself before she can become truly free. Set in a nearly lawless town, her abusers and her rescuers fight for her rights. Michael and his crew may have good hearts, but the cost of overcoming Pillich and his sons quickly become more than he can bear.

But she could end the carnage if she only knew one thing: her name.



Being in law enforcement is no easy task. But when an officer-involved shooting sends Officer Sam Davis to therapy, Dr. Alex Barton has a choice. Either help Sam through the trauma, or take a secret pleasure in leading the officer down the darkest road. Little does Alex know, Sam has a secret too.

This story is told as a one-act play. Six scenes, two characters, one truth.

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