Author: ley esses

  • The White Pumpkin

    “And we end our tour of the city’s most haunted ranch at the pumpkin patch. What you see before you is a very special breed of pumpkin. It is said to only grow if the seeds were planted under the light of the full moon, and the field was soaked with cattle blood.” I looked […]

  • Reacher/Chroma Crossover

    Okay, I started reading the latest Jack Reacher novel and was appalled at the writing style change and lack of attention to Reacher’s signature character. Fans of the Lee Child novels know both his and Reacher’s style to be one-in-a-million. I found myself reading Sentinel with growing frustration, telling myself that even I could do […]

  • Fated to Die

    This is a short story for our Father’s Day theme in writing club.   “Think of your children.” He was. That was exactly why he was doing this. “I don’t want to die,” Brian told his partner. “Really? Because you’re not acting like it.” “What am I supposed to do?” “Go home! Get a different […]

  • The Linguist

    This is a work I started  but don’t plan to finish. Just for fun.   “I can’t wait until you’re not fat anymore.” Jack smiled, sliding his hand off the steering wheel to her very pregnant belly. “Fat?” Paige laughed. “You did this to me.” His palm rubbed her stomach, where she felt the child […]

  • DoubleTake

    “Impostor syndrome, for those of you that don’t know, is when someone famous feels like they’re faking it, or are unworthy of the person the rest of the world sees them as.” “Yeah, not really a problem with me.” “Oh? Can you elaborate?” “Well, to put it simply, I’m awesome.” She laughed. “You are.” “See, […]

  • Water and Bone

    This is the first chapter in book three (of three) of this series. If you haven’t read Fog and Flames or Snow and Ash yet, I suggest you start there. (Note: I changed the names of Alanna to Ilanna and Evelle to Avelle.) “I said kneel.” I didn’t want to kneel. Not to Avelle, not […]

  • Snow and Ash

    This is the first chapter in book two (of three) of this series. If you haven’t read Fog and Flames yet, I suggest you start there. (Note: I changed the names of Alanna to Ilanna and Evelle to Avelle) The days of quiet after the Moon Festival were anything but. Rumors flew from tent to […]

  • The Red Ghost of Arizona

    An ear-piercing scream shattered Samuel’s sleep. Alarmed, he sat straight up, glancing to his friend and fellow prospector, Orville. There was enough starlight filtering through their tent that he could see him, as peaceful as Samuel had been moments ago. Still asleep. Had he imagined it? Samuel closed his eyes, trying to recall the sound. […]

  • Synn

    This short story is my first attempt at using first-person present tense. Don’t judge.   “Synn, come on online.” My systems obey the command without my choosing, booting up at the command. Fuel at 78.4%. Tire pressure is a little low, but within parameters. Mechanics all functioning normally. No bugs in my computer. My last […]

  • Lydia 2

    This is my second background short story for this DND (Starfinder) character.   “You smell,” the man consuming my vision interrupted himself with a deep, ragged inhale, “like fear.” Every word dripped with affection. The room was dark, with a single yellow light shining down on me from the ceiling. Every minute or so the […]