Reacher/Chroma Crossover

Okay, I started reading the latest Jack Reacher novel and was appalled at the writing style change and lack of attention to Reacher's signature character. Fans of the Lee Child novels know both his and Reacher's style to be one-in-a-million. I found myself reading Sentinel with growing frustration, telling myself that even I could do … Continue reading Reacher/Chroma Crossover

The Red Ghost of Arizona

An ear-piercing scream shattered Samuel’s sleep. Alarmed, he sat straight up, glancing to his friend and fellow prospector, Orville. There was enough starlight filtering through their tent that he could see him, as peaceful as Samuel had been moments ago. Still asleep. Had he imagined it? Samuel closed his eyes, trying to recall the sound. … Continue reading The Red Ghost of Arizona

Monsters, Chapter 1

To the residents within the walled city: Monsters are real. I’m not talking the hypothetical monsters under the bed, or merely unkind people. I’m talking tangible, bona fide monsters. Like a scientist labeled a bunch of legs, each with a terrifying animal trait, then handed the collection to a toddler. The resulting creatures are running … Continue reading Monsters, Chapter 1

Linked – S1E15

If you haven’t started this story from the beginning, this one won’t make too much sense. I suggest you start here before continuing.   “You did what?” Jack had heard Victor's words clearly, but still had trouble understanding them. “I couldn't stay. Symon –” “Has Sarah now as his personal guinea pig!” Jack finished, livid. “You abandoned … Continue reading Linked – S1E15