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  • Fated to Die

    This is a short story for our Father’s Day theme in writing club.   “Think of your children.” He was. That was exactly why he was doing this. “I don’t want to die,” Brian told his partner. “Really? Because you’re not acting like it.” “What am I supposed to do?” “Go home! Get a different […]

  • The Red Ghost of Arizona

    An ear-piercing scream shattered Samuel’s sleep. Alarmed, he sat straight up, glancing to his friend and fellow prospector, Orville. There was enough starlight filtering through their tent that he could see him, as peaceful as Samuel had been moments ago. Still asleep. Had he imagined it? Samuel closed his eyes, trying to recall the sound. […]

  • Synn

    This short story is my first attempt at using first-person present tense. Don’t judge.   “Synn, come on online.” My systems obey the command without my choosing, booting up at the command. Fuel at 78.4%. Tire pressure is a little low, but within parameters. Mechanics all functioning normally. No bugs in my computer. My last […]

  • Blueberries

    This was in response to a writing prompt for The Forge. Note – I do not own rights to this picture.  “I’m telling you, I can’t do this anymore.” Amanda prided herself on working with difficult characters, but Jake was proving too much, even for her expertise. “He can’t be that bad.” Brian shifted in […]

  • Linked – S1E15

    If you haven’t started this story from the beginning, this one won’t make too much sense. I suggest you start here before continuing.   “You did what?” Jack had heard Victor’s words clearly, but still had trouble understanding them. “I couldn’t stay. Symon –” “Has Sarah now as his personal guinea pig!” Jack finished, livid. “You abandoned […]

  • Linked

    “She was bound to you!” Sarah kept her head down, studying her script in the middle of the Starbucks and trying not to overhear the pair of men as they argued. “She chose to help you, and you let her die!” The younger’s anger filled the place. He had an accent – British, Sarah decided […]

  • Adoption

    I tried to be good, but it’s been so hard since my master didn’t come home. That was the last time it was cold. It’s since turned hot, and now it’s back to cold again. I’m sorry I broke things, but I was hungry, and after four days… I knew where the food was. Eventually […]

  • Call of the Void

    Preface: The writing prompt here was to write a fanfiction of another author’s work. The world belongs to Breanna Hill, but the characters are mine.   Corvin’s cold fingertips slipped, sending him several feet down, scraping along the coarse cliffside. Instinctively he pushed his weight against the unyielding stone, feeling everything as shards crumbled underfoot. […]