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  • The White Pumpkin

    “And we end our tour of the city’s most haunted ranch at the pumpkin patch. What you see before you is a very special breed of pumpkin. It is said to only grow if the seeds were planted under the light of the full moon, and the field was soaked with cattle blood.” I looked […]

  • The Linguist

    This is a work I started  but don’t plan to finish. Just for fun.   “I can’t wait until you’re not fat anymore.” Jack smiled, sliding his hand off the steering wheel to her very pregnant belly. “Fat?” Paige laughed. “You did this to me.” His palm rubbed her stomach, where she felt the child […]

  • DoubleTake

    “Impostor syndrome, for those of you that don’t know, is when someone famous feels like they’re faking it, or are unworthy of the person the rest of the world sees them as.” “Yeah, not really a problem with me.” “Oh? Can you elaborate?” “Well, to put it simply, I’m awesome.” She laughed. “You are.” “See, […]

  • Lydia 2

    This is my second background short story for this DND (Starfinder) character.   “You smell,” the man consuming my vision interrupted himself with a deep, ragged inhale, “like fear.” Every word dripped with affection. The room was dark, with a single yellow light shining down on me from the ceiling. Every minute or so the […]

  • Lydia 1

    This was a first attempt at writing a background snippet for my DND (Starfinder) character.    I am not a warrior. If given the chance for fight or flight, I’ll choose to flee every time I get. But I do know what I am. I’m a mother. Not in the sense that I’ve given birth, […]

  • Linked – S1E17

      Let go. Agony tore through Jack as Renaud’s man dug his knife deeper into his palm. It was all he could do to just toss a lame punch at the man, but it landed unnoticed on the hard shoulder. All the favorite pressure points were protected by Kevlar or out of reach. Jack tried […]

  • Monsters – Chapter 3

    Michelle stared out the window, unable to know what to think or feel. People had gathered in their family – no, now just her father’s – home overnight. She knew this was proper for mourning. But the Ruling Caste didn’t even tell them how her mom had died. Only not to expect her back, and […]

  • NF – Lying to your audience

    I wonder about lying. Not like in people-to-people interactions, but just in storytelling. Lying as a storyteller is odd, because unlike every other kind, you want your audience to know that you’re lying. I find it’s a useful tool in engaging the reader in what’s going on. If you get your reader to argue with […]

  • NF – All about the timing

    I wonder about time. I don’t mean in the ethereal, cerebral kind of way. But literally how long it takes to do things. I’m that person who times different routes and averages them to find the best bet for efficiency over reliability, and the person who sets a timer just so I don’t have to […]

  • Rite of Spring

    Author’s note: This was written to be read with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring playing in the background.   High. Haunted. Hollow. Something about that opening string of notes sent shivers up Robert’s spine, and chills right back down. It shouldn’t – he was the one playing them, and had been since he first dug up […]